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"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart" - Jeremiah 1:5


For our Korean-speaking friends:

Emmie, the youngest of 5 children, adopted from South Korea when she was 14 months old, wasn't expected to live to be 2! She is now 10 years old, but has endured much more in her short life than most of us ever will. She was born with several congenital heart & lung defects and DiGeorge Syndrome, which has 185 anamolies associated with it.

  Emmie has had 7 open heart surgeries so far, suffered cardiac arrest, strokes, and severe neurological damage. She can no longer eat or drink, requiring a G-J Tube to feed into her small intestine, which has also required many surgeries due to complications.

Emmie also has several bone fractures at a time, due to poor bone density. She presently has several compression fractures in her spine, has been in a body cast for nearly 3 years, and will continue to be for at least another 18 months.

She is severely immuno-compromised and cannot be in a classroom setting, so Mom homeschools her, as well as her four siblings.

Emmie requires the aid of a wheelchair, is hooked up to monitors continuously, and requires around-the-clock heart failure, GI, and pain meds.
  < Emmie's daily meds

The family is also suffering extreme financial setbacks, and now a single-parent household, desperately trying to  save the family home.

Mom is doing all she can, working from home as she cares for Emmie and gives heart failure meds around the clock, through the night.

  Emmie and Mommy

Emmie with Mommy and our friend MinJung

Emmie arrived from South Korea
at the age of 14 months.
Mommy, Kim, knew how very sick Emmie was, but
that just reassured her that Emmie needed
a Mommy by her side during all her surgeries
and lengthy hospital stays.
Emmie's siblings agreed, and the family
decided they were prepared to do whatever they
had to for Emmie ...

"We are hunted down but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going. Through suffering, these bodies of ours constantly share in the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be seen in our bodies". - 2 Corinthians 4:9-10

Then Jesus said,
"Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens,
 and I will give you rest".
~ Matthew 11:28

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!
We are still holding on to God's promises
and KNOW that He will HEAL Emmie
and provide all we need!
God is good ... ALL the time!

"For I know the plans I have for you,"  declares the Lord.
"Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
to give you a hope and a future."
~ Jeremiah 29:11


             The Brave Little Soul
Not too long ago in Heaven there was a little soul who took wonder in observing the world. She especially enjoyed the love she saw there and often expressed this joy with God. One day however the little soul was sad, for on this day she saw suffering in the world. She approached God and sadly asked, "Why do bad things happen; why is there suffering in the world?"

God paused for a moment and replied, "Little soul, do not be sad, for the suffering you see, unlocks the love in people’s hearts." The little soul was confused. "What do you mean," she asked." God replied, "Have you not noticed the goodness and love that is the offspring of that suffering? Look at how people come together, drop their differences and show their love and compassion for those who suffer. All their other motivations disappear and they become motivated by love alone."

The little soul began to understand and listened attentively as God continued, "The suffering soul unlocks the love in people’s hearts much like the sun and the rain unlock the flower within the seed. I created everyone with endless love in their heart, but unfortunately most people keep it locked up and hardly share it with anyone. They are afraid to let their love shine freely, because they are afraid of being hurt. But a suffering soul unlocks that love. I tell you this - it is the greatest miracle of all. Many souls have bravely chosen to go into the world and suffer - to unlock this love – to create this miracle - for the good of all humanity."

Just then the little soul got a wonderful idea and could hardly contain herself. With her wings fluttering, bouncing up and down, the little soul excitedly replied, "I am brave; let me go! I would like to go into the world and suffer so that I can unlock the goodness and love in people’s hearts! I want to create that miracle!" God smiled and said, "You are a brave soul I know, and thus I will grant your request.

But even though you are very brave you will not be able to do this alone. I have known since the beginning of time that you would ask for this and so I have carefully selected many souls to care for you on your journey. Those souls will help you create your miracle; however they will also share in your suffering. Some of these souls are most special and will care for you, help you and suffer along with you, far beyond the others. They have already chosen a name for you ... Emily Grace."

God and the brave little soul shared a smile, and then embraced. In parting, God said, "Do not forget little soul that I will be with you always. Although you have agreed to bear the pain, you will do so through my strength. And if the time should come when you feel that you have suffered enough, just say the word, think the thought, and you will be brought back to heaven."

Emmie just after her 7th open heart surgery

 October, 2008


Look how much God loves you ...
From the very start
He filled you up with so much love
It broke your little heart.
And the doctors they do all they can
While gathered round your bed ...
They want to heal your broken heart
But you healed theirs instead.

And they'd give anything & everything
To just trade hearts with you ...
The only problem is
Their hearts are broken too

But you've shown them what broken hearts can do.

And look how much God loves us
He sent you to our world
A message He's still in control
Sent through this little girl.

And although we do not understand
Why you suffer so much pain ...
He reminds us of His only Son
And how He raised Him up again.

And He gave anything and everything
To just trade hearts with you  ...
The only problem was
His heart was broken too
But He showed us what broken hearts can do.

Look how much we love Him ...
We trust Him with our soul
For He will take our broken hearts
And He will make them whole.

And the only thing He asks of us
Is to give our hearts away ...
Teaching others how to love the Lord
To glorify and pray.

And we'll give anything and everything
To just trade hearts with you ...
The only problem is
Our hearts were broken too

But He showed us what broken hearts can do.

- A Friend

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100% of all donations go directly to a fund to assist
Emmie's family
with the financial burdens
brought on by her continued health challenges
and to help save the family home.
Emmie's mom has taken several nursing courses
at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
so that she can keep Emmie at home
and provide her care around the clock.
A single mom, she's doing all she can, working from home
as a  freelance artist, while caring for Emmie & her 4 siblings.
The family is facing losing their home,
and praying for a financial miracle.
Anything you can do to help will be very much appreciated!
(See the Donations tab above)
God bless you!

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